“I must have flowers, always & always.”

Claude Monet

Sam Williams Flowers

About Sam

As far as flower loving ladies go, Sam is just about the most passionate, creative and unique. But the good unique, not the one where you’re trying to be polite about strange people! Oh, and she really likes tea.  

Sam grew her little wedding flower business from the shed at the bottom of her garden. In the five years since, Sam’s flower world has exploded into something she had only dreamt of. The garden shed was retired and upgraded to a studio workshop, in her cosy little hometown Barnoldswick. You can catch her there most days, drinking tea and knee deep in foliage, surrounded by all the pretty things you need to make your wedding dreams come true.

Sam says, “When planning your wedding, be honest with your flower budget. Ask questions! Think about the season. And most of all, don’t suffer from Pinterestitus*

So if you’re a bride or groom to be, looking for the perfect wedding flowers around the Ribble Valley, why don’t you get in touch? If you’re just here for the flower porn, I don’t blame you. Keep on scrolling lovelies…

  • Pinterestitus. (noun)  obsessing over completely unrealistic wedding goals, as seen on your Pinterest board.